kyoto coven works

trans-genre jams
with the hidden virtuosos of asia

- Tsuyu Typhoon -

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Aeons and chakras below,
before composers, formulas and music as product,
there was an artesian music of numinous encounter
- challenging - collusive - carnal -
the erogenous hymns arising when adepts of the muse
first harken, tangle and engage one another...


Christian Braun - Didgeridoo (Narrative)
Ishida Junji - Violin (Bluegrass)
Morishima Yo - Percussion (Modern Stage)
Gary Tegler - Tenor Sax (Latin)
Yamada Haruzo - Bass/Calimba (Blues)

*Tsuyu ("plum rains")
Nihon's lingering June/July monsoon - a season of fertility, heat and drama in the skies.


Perhaps it was so always and everywhere, but in modern Asia and corporate Nihon in pathetic particular, aside from 4 or 5 stars, the most phenomenally artesian musicians reliably starve, quit or clench the margins of a day job. Happily, rapture being what it is, few ever quit totally, though the corporate media continue to obscure them and abort countless terra-erotic opportunities for new growth and creation.

The Kyoto Coven Works conspires to revive the practice of music as shamanic moment, taking heart and direction from two antique open secrets: One, like the Tao, the Muse lurks everywhere - playful, fertile and promiscuously democratic (never know whose loins She'll be warming up in next); and two, Her ardor is contagious.

Adepts who share little else in common, but fervently embody Her esprit can swiftly converge, confuse and inexplicably ignite incredibly sensuous melodies. Coven work strives to occasion such trysts and share the epiphanies.

Coven format is ritual simple.

Enrich the atmosphere. Support us and/or kindle Covens of your own .
As observed, bemusing avatars are everywhere.
And God knows, She's always available..

Coven I : Contributers

Mantic Microphonics - Goto Akihiko
Editorial Inspirations - Christopher Fryman, Kash Sokol
In-Your-Face Photography - Chris Langridge
Inebriant Artwork - Aix & Aya Battoe
Concept & Bricolage - W. David Kubiak


Born: 1969, Cologne; Awakenings: '87/bass, '89/didgeridoo;
Passions: trance, meditation, healing music; Day job: Craft trading, DJ work.
coven quote
India's "Namaste" greeting means "I recognize the Spirit within you."
Though most of us hadn't even met before, once we got started,
it was just like that - one long, jumpin' "Namaste"...

Born: 1959, Wakayama; Passions: jazz vocals/piano, acoustic recording,
inventing exquisite microphones; Day job: Matsushita systems engineer.
coven quote
It just felt so Kyoto-esque. OK, the instruments were all Western,
but the spirit pouring out of that chaos showed what Kyoto music could and should be...

Born: 1950, Kyoto; Awakenings: '57/classic violin; '67/banjo;
Passions: bluegrass, classic/tribal Asian traditions; Day job: Runs graphic design/prepress office.
coven quote
It was unforgettable, and the place deserves a lot of the credit
- the cicadas, birds, the wind in the bamboo - like the mountain itself was sitting in to play.

Born: 1965, Matsuyama; Awakenings: '68/piano, '75/guitar, '83/ drums;
Passions: R&B, rock, funk; Day job: club sound engineer, dance/stage backup.
coven quote
I walked into this gig cold and they only had one old Japanese drum and a kitchen pot.
They said just play whatever you feel like so I stayed. So glad I did.

Born: 1952, Philadelphia; Awakening: '80/saxaphone;
Passions: Latin, straight-ahead jazz; Day job: free-lance journalist & narrator.
coven quote
In 15 years of playing, I don't think I ever enjoyed a gig as much as this one.
PS: the cicada chorus will be performing nationwide this summer. Don't miss it...

Born: 1955, Kyoto; Awakenings: '69/bass, '92/calimba;
Passions: blues, traditional/modern African rhythms; Day job: several local bands/session work.
coven quote
So little was decided beforehand, it was amazing anything happened at all.
But then the music started to come and it was just fascinating...


Kyoto Coven Works

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