Citizenship and the Charter of Incorporation

Part II

By Richard L. Grossman and Frank I. Adams


Part I
A Sample Citizens' Resolution
Selected Bibliography


Chartering a corporation is the citizens' historic right, and a civic responsibility. Many corporations serve the common good but too many cause injury, corrode our democracy, and poison the earth.

To halt corporate harm, we citizens must redefine the corporation, reclaim our sovereign authority over the corporation, and when necessary, revoke charters of incorporation.

We urge local and state elected officials to adopt this Resolution:

Whereas, only citizens have sovereign authority to grant charters of incorporation; now,

Therefore, be it resolved, that the legislature of this state: -

  • Redefine the process and criteria for granting corporate charters to our specifications; and,

  • Restore civic authority over the governance of existing corporate charters to our specifications; and,

  • Finally, revoke the charters of harmful corporations, and revoke the certificates of authority of harmful foreign and alien corporations operating in our state.



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