14 February, 2000

A Broad Spectrum Antidote
to Corporate Pathology

Kubiak for VP Campaign
-- For Vice President in the NH DEMOCRATIC Primary
-- For Virtual President in the Campaign Beyond...

Big Body critic Kubiak carries
every county in the State!

It is finally official. Though the pace of the count brought tears of nostalgia to the Upper Voltan, Honduran and North Korean immigrant communities, the results of the NH Democratic Vice Presidential Primary are now in, and the citizens have once again cried out against Big Body rule. Yes, the thoughtful voters of New Hampshire in yet another display of mega-corporate disdain gave Big Medicine candidate W. David Kubiak a clear plurality and resounding mandate to continue Big Med’s populist campaign against the corporate takeover of our media, schools, politics and evolutionary heading. Official confirmation and vote counts now available at:

The Big Medicine staff and I gratefully credit this decisive victory to the work and support of New Hampshire’s Greens, populists, concerned mothers and activist youth as well as the many, many ordinary citizens we met who expressed heartfelt concern about the spreading symptoms of Big Body pathology (e.g., toxic waste, nuclear power, bioengineered foods, media violence, electoral corruption, income inequality, foreign sweatshops, corporate welfare, downsizing, agro-toxins, etc, etc.). Since our campaign could not afford any paid advertising whatever and was totally blacked out by the corporate media, we particularly appreciate the state’s progressive Internet community which generated such a gratifying storm of activity at the Big Medicine web site. Thank you New Hampshire for your blessing. Who can ever go the distance without it?

Big Medicine is a new educational crusade to awaken America to the increasing eco-social dangers of Big Bodies, the vast corporate entities now controlling our culture, governance and children’s consciousness. "Great corporations" are historically new but primitively motivated "living systems" that are inevitably hierarchical, dictatorial and anti-democratic. Yet a century ago a benighted court awarded corporations the same Constitutional rights and privileges as "natural persons" without our notice or legislative consent. Big Bodies have since exploited these spurious powers and their great wealth to usurp our sovereignty, aggravate social inequality and toxify the natural and mental environment. Those rights must be revoked and human rule restored. Strategically, Big Medicine also prescribes that huge corporate bodies must be irresistably "encouraged" to diet or divide into useful human-scale entities rooted in their communities, responsive to the environment and democratically accountable to their members. Tactically, Big Med will spread the BIG word and warning via guerrilla video, the Web and a virtual campaign docudrama that exploits wholly new dimensions in smoke and mirrors.


"Let us lift our vision high enough to dominate the problem."
- - Teilhard de Chardin

From April we will be barnstorming the country spreading the Big word, but the Internet literate can start studying Big Medicine at home right away just by attending our web site and/or signing into our ground-breaking international computer conference:

Are Corporate Bodies Really Alive?
(Are they now Earth’s dominant species?)

"A living systems look at corporate evolution, anatomy and eco-social pathology"
March 3~20, 2000

Dean "Megamedia" Alger, Ernest "Ecotopia" Callenbach, Fritjof "Web of Life" Capra, Noam "Necessary Illusions" Chomsky, Kevin "Corporations Gonna Eat your Momma" Danaher, Charles "Corporation Nation" Derber, Hazel "Beyond Globalization" Henderson, Josh "Corporate Planet" Karliner, David "When Corporations Rule the World" Korten, Frances "Diet for a Small Planet" Lappe, James "Living Systems" Miller, Ralph "The Big Business Reader" Nader, Kirkpatrick "Human Scale" Sale, Robert "Corporate Predators" Weissman and many, many more.

To preview or join the conference, visit:

Maine Media Note
W. David Kubiak is a Kennebunkport Sixties survivor, Bowdoin graduate, and the first Mainer to ever win a New Hampshire primary. He has worked in Japan and India for the last 20 years as a corporate issues journalist, grassroots media advisor and democracy activist. He served as virtual mayor of Kyoto from 1994~1999, writing, organizing and helping lead Japan’s most successful grassroots battle for Initiative & Referendum rights since MacArthur abandoned democratization in 1949. His Big Medicine 2000 campaign will largely be conducted in virtual space from a rustic clearinghouse in rural Maine, where it will also work with local residents on ballot initiatives that challenge and revoke Bill of Rights protections for corporate "persons".

Please direct all inquiries & interview requests to
Big Med press liaison, Kathy Arlyn Sokol, at:

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