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Dear Friend of Truth,

I need 7 minutes of your reading time. I hope you can spare these few moments, for what follows is the strongest strategy available to stop the many atrocities of the Bush administration and stop them all at once.

Given the egregious assaults by this administration on our security, environment, and democracy, you will no doubt face unending appeals this year to combat civil firestorms of many different kinds.

While fighting on multiple fronts is courageous, it is obvious that this administration will continue to unleash so many attacks on our wellbeing, rights, and liberties that progressive resources will be fragmented and over-stretched. HOWEVER, there is still one fatal flaw in the Bush team's aggressive designs and if we concentrate our efforts there, we can bring ALL of their onslaughts to a halt.

A full and honest investigation
into the events of 9/11.

Even before the recent bombshell revelations of 54 pre-9/11 FAA terrorist warnings and Condi Rice's apparent 9/11 Commission perjury, there was already an enormous amount of scholarly evidence and expert testimony demonstrating that the official story of the Bush-appointed 9/11 Commission is a farce, and supporting the suspicions of millions of New Yorkers and other Americans who think that this administration was not just negligent but willfully allowed the attacks to happen to create a climate of fear, vengeance, and unquestioning obedience.

All of their subsequent assaults on foreign nations, human rights, economic sanity, civil liberties, international laws and treaties, women's rights, religious tolerance, child services, and the poor were enabled by the political power they extorted through 9/11 fear.

Contrary to the media spin, the call for new and truly independent 911
investigations is NOT simply a cry from a few disturbed or desperate
souls.According to the August 2004 Zogby poll, 66% of New Yorkers also want immediate new inquiries, and identical calls have been made by hundreds of prominent Americans, including three 2004 presidential candidates, respected rabbis and imams, historians and theologians, military officials and diplomats, leading veteran groups, as well as celebrated leaders from the environmental, alternative economics, and "peace and justice" communities.

Examining the eminent names on our 9/11 Truth Statement at will quickly show that so-called "9/11 conspiracy theorists" are hardly people "on the fringe."

The demand for 9/11 truth will not go away. Although the Kean Commission's "official story" has been demolished by scholars and experts, it has been continuously exploited to justify outrageous policies on a dozen different fronts. Exposing the lies of 9/11 has thus become the mother of all issues and is the key to stopping Bush administration abuses across the board.

(If you are not familiar with the mounting evidence for official 9/11 crimes, we recommend renowned theologian David Ray Griffin's new book 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions as an ideal primer.)

9/11 truth, then, is rightfully:

- A national security issue: as long as 9/11 is exploited to mount brutal and unjust wars, the Muslim world will rightfully loathe us and threaten our future security; and former allies will increasingly shun us and withdraw badly needed support.

- A children's issue: the sacrifice of social programs to fund the War on Terror overwhelmingly victimizes the young and persons with disabilities.

- An environmental issue: the post-9/11 calls for "energy independence" have been seized and twisted by Bush's corporate sponsors to justify more wilderness oil drilling, abusive environmental practices, and a rebirth of nuclear power.

- A national health issue: thanks to official lies about post-attack air quality, Sierra Club scientists estimate that more New Yorkers will die from the toxic aftermath than from the attacks themselves; and because the cost of the 9/11-fueled War on Terror is gutting public health budgets across the country, we are facing an escalating health crisis nationwide.

- A human rights issue: the official 9/11 story has spawned such bigoted and vengeful fear that a recent Cornell University poll found that 44% of Americans are now ready to slash US Muslims' civil rights, while a nearly equal number now accept the "need" to torture prisoners.

- A justice issue: poor and minority Americans are deeply scarred by "War on Terror"-related cutbacks in social programs at the same time that their youth are the most heavily recruited by the military and sacrificed in battle as the conflict proceeds.

- A family issue: the ongoing costs of 9/11-related warfare, job loss, education cutbacks, and social program austerity fall far more heavily upon families nationwide; further, 9/11 fear has politically empowered the far right to launch a war here at home on women's basic rights.

- A constitutional liberty issue: the official 9/11 story (and deftly timed anthrax attacks) generated immediate blind assent to the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act as well as scores of other presidential and Department of Justice directives that further threaten transparency, accountability, and our shrinking Bill of Rights.

- A media reform issue: the consistent, breathtaking refusal of mainstream media to investigate official lies and deception since 9/11 (up through Iraq and 2004 vote fraud) has usefully exposed the industry as cowardly and, unfortunately, corrupt. An outbreak of 9/11 truth from the second tier media would finally fuel widespread calls for total media reform.

- A national solvency issue: the 9/11 "emergency" has allowed the Bush team to abandon any pretense of fiscal restraint, flood corporate backers with windfall profits, plunge the nation into crushing debt, and hasten arch-privatizer Grover Norquist's dream of "a government small enough to drown in a bathtub."

We can continue to divide our resources among a number of noble separate efforts to halt war crimes, ultra-rightist appointments, environmental assaults, our grandkids' ballooning debt, attacks on our Constitution, the shredding of the social safety net, and a dozen other symptoms of the sickness at the top.


We can focus our resources and energy on unplugging this administration's central power supply by exposing its 9/11 lies. Disabling this corrupt mythology will shut down their offensives on a score of different fronts.

The Answer Starts with You!! GIVE NOW!

It's time to put the real facts of 9/11 before the American people and we can do it with YOUR HELP. has made remarkable progress bringing much-needed attention to the unanswered questions from that tragic day. initiatives like the Summer of Truth, the Zogby NY 9/11 Poll, the 9/11 Omission Hearings, the 9/11 Truth Statement, and the 9/11 Citizens' Complaint to NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer have been among the most successful efforts to date in making the case for official 9/11 foreknowledge, criminal negligence and/or complicity. The responsible individuals must finally be held accountable. The time is NOW for criminal investigations into this unprecedented attack.


Thus far, we've accomplished all of our work on a shoestring budget. But now we need to accelerate and expand our work. We need to awaken more Americans to the incriminating evidence and rouse them to demand answers and action on these life-and-death issues immediately. Which is why we need YOUR participation and support. GIVE NOW!

With YOUR help, we can put damning 9/11 evidence in front of the entire nation, where it rightfully belongs.

With YOUR help, we will sponsor new private and journalistic investigations of the most incriminating questions that the Kean Commission would not touch.

With YOUR help, we can pressure mainstream media to report the lies and distortions in the official story and start demanding answers.

With YOUR help, we will launch an extensive media campaign, entitled 911-in-30-Seconds, to publicize the mounting evidence that shows more than mere incompetence on the part of our leaders. 911-in-30-Seconds will generate TV and radio ads, Flash animations, posters, and public transport ads. And it will put this evidence in front of America like never before.

We recently verified that the FBI lied about the missing WTC "black boxes" and that a senior Underwriters Laboratory executive was fired for refuting the government account of the WTC collapse. These two reports alone undermine key aspects of the official hoax, but there are so many more stories out there and so much digging still to do.

With YOUR help, we will continue to file legal motions as we did with NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer demanding criminal investigations on behalf of the 3,000 murdered victims and all those who have suffered since.

With your help, We CAN

9/11 truth is the one issue with enough emotional and political power to overthrow the most reckless leaders this country has ever known.

Please help us get the word out NOW. Please help us expose more lies and advance our legal actions. Please donate whatever you can as fast as you can. GIVE TODAY. 9/11 is the issue that can STOP the Bush administration's assault on the human values we Americans hold so dear. Your gift can help accelerate a truly historic change.

How to Help

Send a donation TODAY! Right now. Then, get involved. Sign up to volunteer. Or subscribe to our free e-mail alerts. If you belong to other progressive movements, urge your group to join forces and participate in a smart tactical campaign. Together we can focus explosive public attention on this administration's greatest vulnerability: 9/11 Truth.

In exchange for your gift of $25 or more, we'll send you our wallet-size "The top 15 reasons to doubt the official story of Sept. 11, 2001," so you'll never be far from the truth again. And for a gift of $100 or more, we'll send you David Ray Griffin's new book 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, the most authoritative debunking of the "official story" available today.

We won't rest until the Truth comes out. Please help us restore peace, freedom, and honest democracy to America. Give to today. And SIGN UP to join the fight! Together we are invincible, because the truth is powerful and contagious.The faster we can spread it, the sooner this long nightmare can at last be blown away.

Thank you for your time.


David Kubiak
Executive Director

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