Anti-Corporate Endgame Allies
Between BigTruth and Big Consequences
Falls the Shadow
Like Webster, we believe "allies" are those who "helpfully associate" with you. By those lights, everyone on this page counts - not because they all accept the Big Body Diagnosis of our eco-social ills (in truth few have even heard of it yet), but because they are already actively battling Big Body pathology in their own terms and territories. Some sense the global commonalities, some still fix on local symptoms, but all know we are somehow losing ground and new answers must be found. Our Big answers are presented as political shareware. If they make sense and work for you, help spread the Big word, send us small change, or otherwise "helpfully associate," and become an ally yourself.
Banishing Big Bodies
     UpFront Allies
     Awakening Allies
     Latent Allies
     Allies Further Out
Cleaning Up Afterwards
     The Electoral Mess
     Direct Democracy
     Worker Ownership
     Green Energy
Beyond Big Bodies
     The Vision Thing

- People At Work

- Creative new groups directly targeting Big Body power

The International Forum on Globalization
An inspiring global network of eloquent anti-globalization dissidents, IFG uses publishing, coalition building and high profile teach-ins to spread the Big Body alarm. See in particular their activist workbook on Emerging Corporate Rule.
The Alliance for Democracy
National populist coalition whose Call to Arms begins: "We are ruled by Big Business and Big Government as its paid hireling, and we know it."
Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy
Nationwide citizen education effort that pioneered the concept of dechartering rogue corporations. See also their ground-breaking pamphlet, "Taking Care of Business."
Corporate Watch
West coast powerhouse site on bad Big Body news from the Orient's eight directions. Hyperactive complement to the Nader-fostered sites below.
Multinational Monitor On-Line
"Tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment."
MNC Resource Clearinghouse
"Provides information on the history of multinational companies and the environmental and safety problems associated with their products and operations."
Focus on the Corporation
Hard-hitting Mokhiber-Weissman coverage of Big Body Power
Wondrously creative site - sponsors PR sabotage of Big Body products, and ultimately aims to eliminate their "limited liability." Occasionally, as with, directly assists campaigns against Big Body abuse of the political process.
Noam Chomsky Resources
The most potent Big Body critic of the century - though the NY Times grudged he is "America's most important living intellectual," they and the rest of the mass media consistantly refuse to cover anything he says or does, thus pretty well proving our case.
Jim Hightower
Premier voice of the Populist West - witty, wise and merciless - he should be the damn candidate.
Progressive Populist
"A newspaper that believes people are more important than corporations...reporting on issues of interest to workers, small business owners and family farmers and ranchers."
Right to Know Network
Find out what flavorful toxins Big Bodies are secreting in your neighborhood...
Boycott Microsoft
Sharp ongoing exposes of the Mother Big Body and the impact of incessant Greed-Gates
The Raging Grannies of Seattle
"We rage against 'corporate greed' and the condition of the Earth that will be left to our precious grandchildren" - Open a sister branch today!

UpFront Media Masters

Dog Eat Dog Films
Cyberlair of Michael "The Big One" Moore and his "Awful Truth" - corporate focused with a vengeance - rabid, revealing, wickedly fun. See also the People Michael Moore Likes
Paper Tiger Television
Pioneering NY public access video geurrillas who've been blasting away at Big Body-suborned media for a decade. PT's "Gulf Project" offered the only credible coverage and analysis of the Gulf War available anywhere on US airwaves.
Undercurrents Alternative Media
The Paper Tigers of Britain, Undercurrents offer strong programming on Big Body globalization, its foreign & domestic victims, and mass media-ignored adversaries.
EcoBadGuys Guess who they're talking about? Frequently updated listing of Big Body atrocity stories in fields of agriculture, pollution, human rights, Third World exploitation, etc.
Steeped in the wisdom of Chomsky, Zinn et illustrious up-the-establishment alii, Z-Net offers a trove of thought-provoking/action-arousing pieces that indict not only commercial Big Bodies, but their governmental, fiscal and military brethren as well.
Culture Jammers Headquarters - a slick, smart and savage multi-front offensive against Big Body consumerist brainwashing. See especially their campaign on the The Big Question: Is economic "progress" killing the planet?
Ad Expert Rolodex
Lists scores of specialized NGOs trying to clean up society, the environment and consciousness in the wake of Big Body media's violence, anaesthesia and hype.
The Greenwash Awards
Ironic public service from Corporate Watch exposes the most flagrantly hypocritical Big Body advertising.

- "Traditional" activists/groups now starting to turn their attention to Big Bodies

Earth First!
God bless eco-testosterone. They are still not focused on the Big picture, but when "acting locally" these guys are assuredly the killer T-cells of the Gaian immune system. For their distinctive brand of immuno-craft, see Creative Monkeywrenching
Earth Island
A protective shelter for a wide-range of rogue NGOs, Earth Island embodies founder David Brower's love and talent for radical effective action. If Big Bodies won't deliquesce peacefully, expect great things from this fearless, decentralized horde.
Rainforest Action Network
Still largely symptom focused, but elder Randy Hayes has seen the Big Body light and vows "to take at least one down before I go."
The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund
"CELDF was founded to pursue three primary goals: first,to provide free legal services to environmental citizen organizations unable to afford them; second, to create and litigate creative new legal theories that promote citizen sovereignty over the corporation; and third, to create and maintain a Sustainable Cities program."
The David Suzuki Foundation
Host/creator of "The Nature of Things" and influential eco-columnist, David "Economics is Destroying the Planet" Suzuki remains the angry global prophet, but has also taken a sudden turn toward the "local", and is now exploring/inventing new community lifestyles for a post-corporate world.
The Data Center
Sympathetic assistance and vast resources for Big Body research.

Awakening Media Masters

Public Media Center
Imagine a brilliant ad agency "gone bad" that now only serves, leads or inflames movements against Big Body carnage. PMC has spearheaded literally hundreds of major battles from fights to save forests in Maine, dolphins in California and sacred lands in Hawaii. Best win/loss record in the business.
Mother Jones
A constant reminder of what journalism was supposed to be. You can compile an astonishing dossier of Big Body crimes and atrocities just aimlessly cruising MJ's vast archives.
Third World Network Features
Passionate, meticulous news service documenting Big Body depradations across the Third World.
Progressive Review
Extremely active site run by alternative press hero, Sam Smith. Covers major Washington news and scandals as well as systemic Big Body corruption of defense, environmental and drug policies.
Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly
Consistently intelligent reports on phenomena (usually Big Body-induced or exacerbated) currently threatening our physical and ecological well-being. Powerfully makes the often overlooked case that our personal health is so intimately wedded to the health of the environment that the two can never be meaningfully considered seperately. Obvious you say? Tell the American Medical Association. 95% of US medical schools still do not even teach nutrition, let alone ecology.
Common Dreams News Center
"Breaking news & views for progressive-thinking Americans" - Probably the best single index of enlightened commentary, columnists and news sources on the Web.
Features "What's New in Activism Online." Especially, see/hear Democracy NOW! - "launched by Pacifica Radio in 1996 to open the airwaves each day to alternative voices traditionally excluded from the political process."

- Though still generally busy fighting symptoms one by one, these valiant NGOs will doubtless furnish most of the immune forces when the new diagnosis sinks in.

Beloved ancestor, but still fractionates its enormous potential among too many symptoms, now including "climate, toxics, nuclear power, oceans, genetic engineering, ocean dumping, forests, and the olympics." Apparently still can't recognize the common pathogenic species behind them all.
Green Parties of North America
Still encouragingly incorrigibly unorganizable, but a hotbed of potential corporate anti-bodies, and in this phase of the game Anarchy is Good!
Worldwatch Institute
State of the World Information - acute, accurate and generally bad. Whenever you read a particularly dreadful part, look for the Big Bodies lurking in the background
Before the Internet even existed, IGC/APC networks were pioneering the Great Work of getting NGOs up and active online, Globally they now facilitate the electronic outreach of literally thousands of activist organizations. IGC alone hosts Peacenet, EcoNet, LaborNet, ConflictNet and WomensNet For a quick dizzying sample of what that looks like in action, see: Activism Links & IGC Discussion Groups. Unfortunately, there is not much interaction among these groups yet, let alone effective synergy. Incredibly, not one of their 44 discussion groups address corporate pathology in any coherent way, despite the fact that Big Bodies are clearly responsible for the crises lamented in 40 of them. So that is the next Big step...
One World
The IGC of Britain, One World offers searchable one-stop shopping for hundreds of international social change NGOs. Were they all to devote just 10% of their respective resources to Big Body demise, the revolution would be brisk indeed.
Green Education Links
Important sites to seed with the Big Body meme.
GreenMoney Environmentalist Web
Listing of soft-core environmental groups who don't appear too desperate for new tools or weapons. Hard to say what role if any these kinds of groups will play in the initial stages of transformation.

- The Impolite, Illicit and Incontinent. The Meme Meisters we need to get out the Big word, the others to abet with tech sorcery, seditious humor and stubborn hope.

( For a fast riff on memes, and why they are crucial to understanding and overturning Big Body rule, see our Memework page first.)

Memetics Resource Index
Good index of the wild diversity of meme teams at work and play
Culture Jamming
"Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs" - Seminal manifesto against Big Body media & how to get involved.
Revolt Against The Empire: Boycott Biochem Big Bodies
Slick but (hopefully) dangerous watering hole for the hacker fraternity. To resolve Big Bodies, the promise of eco-survival, better sex and our children's gratitude are the carrots. Our mantic hacker brethren are the big (non-violent) stick. Get cracking, friends, but softly...
    Important transitional links between the concerns of the New Age Community and the Big Body Resistance.
    The Onion
    "The Finest News Source on the Planet" - Bowel-bursting selection of satiric Big Body news. Nancho favorites include:
    War as Consumerist Propaganda
    From the Conspiracy of Normals - Ancient but still salient satire from the Suites of our Invisible Masters.
    The SubGenius Archives
    Insane laughter heals the soul on dark corporate nights. See especially, their Gospel of True Slack, The Book of the Subgenius

    - Parties at the End of the Parade

    Though there are literally thousands of groups out there laboring to protect/revive the health of our lands, kids and communities, we focus here on those most suppressed in the Big Body media - those whose triumph would cripple corporate control and make all else easier for those at work on local ground.
    - Disowning the Fraud

    Skeleton Closet
    "All the Dirt on All the Candidates - Because character DOES matter"
    The Center for Public Integrity
    Excellent sections on The Big Body Presidential Buyout
    and The Big Body Congressional Buyout
    Opening Ballot Access
    Breaking the Big 2 power monopoly.
    The Mother Jones 400
    A searchable listing of the Biggest political contributors nationwide.
    Campaigns and Elections
    Congressional Quarterly's one-stop shopping for (old paradigm) election news

    - Swiss-tested for over a century, now ready for international release.

    Realizing Full Democracy
    Definitive Direct Dem advocacy from the Economist
    "Democracy in the 20th century has been a half-finished
    thing. In the 21st, it can grow to its full height.
    DEMOCRACY DIRECT: Reclaiming Representative Democracy
    Strong individual effort to reimagine what
    democracy was supposed to mean.
    Direct Democracy Now!
    Another good personal page of arguments for Direct Democratic
    reform (also see fine Stephen Jay Gould page on
    re-empowering the essential decency of Human Nature
    Direct Democracy Texts
    Excellent review and synopsis
    of "Initiative and Referendum : The People's Law"
    Government by the People
    A new web/tech-assisted paradigm for Democratic Renewal
    "Let the People Decide.............."
    Well argued Direct Democracy campaign for the UK
    Direct Democracy at Large
    Links to Direct Dem movements in many countries and coverage of new international developments.
    Earth Charter: Democracy and Governance
    Powerful Earth Charter draft showing why Direct Dem
    is vital to just and sustainable 3rd World development.

    - When Big Bodies break down, worker coops will inherit the Earth and most productive functions. Time to get ready...

    Mondragon Co-ops
    Spain's amazingly successful worker-owned business empire Actually now too big by half, but dramatically demonstrates that workplace democracy does work.
    Mondragón: The Remarkable Achievement by Robert Gilman
    Transaction Net
    Models of Employee-Owned Businesses
    Labor Rights
    Clearinghouse for working class info and action
    "Downstructuring towards collapsible corporations"
    SRI (Socially Responsible Investment) info for the transit to a less pathological economy.

    - The prototype for cheap, clean, decentralized energy is alive and well at Stanford Research Institute, Osaka University and a dozen other heretic labs. Big Oil/Gas/Coal and the nuclear industry don't want it for obvious reasons, Green types fear it will speed depeletion of all other resources. Yet if we can cool corporate-fueled consumption frenzies, CF offers unlimited emission-free energy for recycling, water desalinization and pollution control. It's a big if, but if we eliminate the Big...

    John Logajan's Skypoint Home Page
    Heroic personal effort with links to the whole CF story.
    Cold Fusion Times
    The New York Times of the CF world.
    Infinite Energy Online
    Enthusiastic advocacy journal with the latest news on all new energy technologies.
    Wired on Cold Fusion
    Saturna Technologies
    Funny, educational, technically hip site maintained by Russ George, my favorite guru/outlaw at the CF frontier.

    - For Worlds yet to Come

    - Sources and samples of ideas for brave, diverse new worlds

    Planet Drum
    Bioregionalism Central - Led by Sixties Black Knight Peter Berg, Planet Drum is activating/organizing/educating around the principle of sustainable bioregionalism - the undeniable insight that the environment comes first and our administrative/political units should conform to its living features and demands.
    The E.F. Schumacher Society
    Small is Beautiful, they know, but now many are finally standing up to say Big is Baleful, too. Most importantly, they also offer fresh new convivial templates for the dramatically downsized future.
    Institute for Social Inventions
    Invites and archives ideas for bettering the world.
    Global Ideas Bank
    Their categorized listing of important new social ideas - from the very local to the fully global.
    World Futures Society
    Pretty damn techy overall, but open and stimulating. Their members often lecture so good place to plant self-fulfilling prophecies.
    Creating Alternative Futures
    Hazel Henderson's classic series on reclaiming/re-inventing the world.