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Since the Year '01

Big Med is now reformatting itself to undertake some new journalistic and field projects. This site is currently an archive of previous initiatives and perpetually provocative ideas, but will be updated soon to reflect current activities.

Big Med's Areas of Continuing Concern
  • Escalating Authoritarianism & Corporate Hegemony
  • Increasing Inequality and Militarization
  • Deteriorating Human and Environmental Health
  • Lack of Synergy among Most Single Issue Groups

Big Med is a recon, arms and resource center for those battling malignant corporate power, at least those wise enough to explore Big Corporate Bodies as evolving living systems, eco-social pathogens, and/or our morbid rivals for control of the world.

There are a few surprisingly simple legal, political, even hormonal reasons why corporate plagues are ravaging our world; why the soil, air and water are ever more toxic to life; why more of our kind are poorer, sicker, and more fearful than any time in memory. We hold the following truths to be self-evident.

Let us just suppose that Big Bodies:

  • are real superorganisms that dominate, shape and synchronize their members' lives and minds;

  • control our education, science and media, and exploit this power to condition us to serve corporate ends;

  • generate a monstrous share of the poison, pain and havoc in the world;

  • have overtaken humans as Earth's new dominant species and hijacked our evolutionary course;

  • may yet be thwarted if the Magic 10% among us - the immune forces of the body politic - wake up, and miniaturize-localize-democratize their premises in time.
We ask you not to debate these assumptions, just briefly pretend they are true. If we presume they are, what kind of contest would we face, what would we have to learn and do?

Nader sees our challenge as a "corporate coup d'etat," and talks legal and political. We fear an even grimmer bio-evolutionary doom, and plot in militant medicalese. Big Med thus offers the following aid:

  • Diagnostic - facts that illuminate the singular corporatist cause behind most eco-social ills.
  • Remedial - broad-spectrum tactics to boost popular resistance locally and wither Big Bodies globally.
  • Prognostic - self-fulfilling prescriptions for a spirited, sensual post-corporate world.
We seek wise and witty contributions in any of these fields, particularly those that strengthen everyone's hand to belittle BIG's rampant power. In sum, we ask your aid in chronicling and quickening the coming Big Devolution. Grand surprises await once you start to think BIG.

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