Multi-Benefit Bio-Remedies
for the Climate's Carbon Ills

Where most CO2 can go and rightfully should be
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Carbon Remediation through Creative Eco-Restoration
If 50% more of the world's forests were still standing or half the Pacific marine life that has died out in the last 50 years was still swimming around, the CO2 greenhouse effect and the spectre of global warming would be the least of our worries today. Returning even a fraction of these populations to their original health would lock away billions of tons of atmospheric carbon and buy us the time we need to create a saner energy economy.
Planktos Carbon Credits: Low-Tech Implementation, High-Tech Verification
Marine photosynthesis, productivity and CO2 absorption have fallen steeply in recent decades, largely from iron deficiency... Reseeding a stretch of this sea with a single ton of fine iron particles generates dramatic blooms which can inhale thousands of tons of carbon. It can also nourish an equivalent tonnage of zooplankton, diatoms, and krill, replenishing the fishery food chain from the bottom up for months at a time... Likewise the carbon value of CDM nation forest restoration projects can often be doubled or trebled with sound scientific management and long-term stakeholder contract guarantees.
The Planktos Carbon Credit Development and Investment Model
Planktos will offer premioum grade carbon credits in several categories, including swiftly maturing marine credits, long term forest-based credits and "blended" credit pools that diversify sources and minimize risk.